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OK, why is Spotify such a piece of shit now? : spotify

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Organized Religion, a song by Beautiful Eulogy on Spotify

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Shit And Shine on Spotify

Shit & Shine’s 2004 debut album, You’re Lucky to Have Friends Like Us, introduced the sense of humor, as well as cheeky samples and numerous drummers, that set Clouse apart from other noise and experimental acts around at the time.

Why is the Spotify player such a piece of shit? – Verities

Apr 22, 2014 · Spotify is a pretty decent service. For free, you can listen to practically anything that’s ever been released commercially (sadly, no RVIVR, but that’s on them because they’re UP THE PUNX), as long as you’re willing to listen to some ads once in a while. And I’m not against listening to …

In Response to Our Article, Spotify Is Removing Neo-Nazi

This would include organized religion, racism, fascism and sexism. Above all I would like to apologize to my father Paul Ubana Jones for being forced to involve him directly in this.

“Spotify is Crap” – The Spotify Community

I will not keep it clean. These **bleep**ers make millions and then they want to **bleep**ing hide. There is no phone number you can call if they do something **bleep**ed up like rescind your offline access and you are paid up on premium.

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Know what I hate most about religion? How stupid it makes

And here’s the shit that will completely blow your gasket. In the 60s, 70s, and 80s, people weren’t that religious. You didn’t bring up religion or you’d be laughed at.

Top responsesRedditNext time someone tells you to take jesus into your heart so you can be saved, tell them, “I got an education and saved myself.”20 votesMost certainly have an different outlook. I recently was told by a coworker that i was a purfect christian and i truly brlieved in god. Just because I’m a good … read more11 votesI actually work with some engineers who believe this stuff. How can you understand the math behind decay, and then dismiss the fact that there are NO … read more8 votesWhy are you talking with these people?3 votesMost religious people also believe in at least one conspiracy theory (the creationists usually think that there is some conspiracy within the scientific community to … read more1 voteThat’s why, the more they push it, the more they fail. The more people they drive away. You aren’t the only one who’s been a victim of “friends” trying to “save” … read more1 voteAlle anzeigen